Traditional / Standard Mortgages

Using Firco as your mortgage broker gives you access to a much broader range of mortgages, including specialist mortgages designed for people with complex circumstances. Plus, if you decide to go direct and don’t get your application approved, you may waste valuable time contacting another lender and miss out on the property you’ve been looking for.

We want to help more people own their own home. We always treat customers as individuals and make decisions based on their circumstances and not their credit score.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes so we know from experience that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. We take our time to understand our customer’s situation and make our decisions based on what we know, rather than your credit score.

We will match your requirements with lenders’ affordability calculators prior to making any application and then advise on the right mortgage for you.

Is a fixed rate mortgage the right choice?

Would a discount or tracker rate scheme suit you better? What about lender’s fee charges? Is the mortgage portable?

All these questions form part of the extensive research we provide before giving you options for your requirements. If you require a remortgage then consider the purpose – are additional funds needed for home improvements, debt consolidation or other purpose and if so is a remortgage the right choice? It may be that a further advance or secured loan may be better suited to your requirements. We will calculate the costings and provide comparisons to find what’s right for you.

We can help you with Mortgage and Financial advice on:

  • Residential Mortgages
  • Remortgages
  • Further Advances
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Secured Loans (capital raising for improvements, debt consolidation, holidays etc)
  • Buy to Let and Let to Buy
  • Bridging Finance
  • Right to Buy
  • Help to Buy and other Government Assisted Schemes
  • Shared Ownership Schemes

We don’t tend to publish mortgage rates on our website. In most cases rates are negotiable and based squarely on the individual circumstances of the borrower, their plans, assets and income.

Firco is an independent mortgage broker that has strong relationships with the key lenders in the UK mortgage market, including those private banks who do not have a high-street presence. We arrange bespoke mortgage solutions for our clients, providing a tailored one-to-one advisory service, delivered face-to-face or remotely, depending on what suits you.

Please click on ‘Become a Client, Enquire Now’ at the bottom of the page and complete the enquiry form and we will normally contact you within the same working day during business hours or if you would prefer us to contact you outside normal business hours then please advise and we will quite happily do so. Alternatively you can email us with details about your requirements to or call us on 0151 372 0388